The Law Firm assists its clients in the acquisition of shareholdings, including shares, and / or assets, tangible and intangible, coming from performing or in crisis companies.

In these operations, the Law Firm gives particular attention to preserve the values of goodwill ​​and to allow the full exploitation of the acquired assets, in order to improve the investment.

Our professionals are sensitive from a legal point of view and they are competent in  economic law: this allowed the Law Firm to successfully conclude complex extraordinary operations, focusing its assistance also on issues of corporate finance and corporate governance.

The Law Firm also provides legal assistance to third parties interested in investing in companies in a state of crisis or insolvency. The acquisitions from companies in crisis or involved in bankruptcy procedures allow operations at advantageous economic conditions and a rapid reacquisition in the market positions.

The Law Firm assists corporate businesses in the delicate acquisition of individual assets, as well as company compendium in the context of bankruptcy procedures.

The experience of the Law Firm allows to evaluate in advance the degree of criticality of the single operation and to prepare the most appropriate legal solution for each specific case, minimizing any risk profile.

The Law Firm is a point of reference for clients interested in taking over companies, real estate compendiums and litigation claims from bankruptcies through bankruptcy agreements.