The Law Firm operates in the field of composition of the business crisis, a sector in which it has reached levels of excellence in Italy. The in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law, the high professionalism and the meticulous attention to detail have allowed the Law Firm to obtain a primary role in solving any problem in the sector.

The Law Firm assists companies in crisis, in order to verify the possibility of avoiding any opening of bankruptcy proceedings or the transition to liquidation-type procedures.

The Law Firm offers the  use of new tools, of a judicial and extrajudicial nature, as required by the bankruptcy law reform for the composition of business crises and their definition in a short time.

It assists companies in a state of crisis in the preparation and execution of composition with creditors, both restoration and restructuring agreements, working on each aspect, from the resolution of all the individual legal problems to the leading of the customer in the implementation phase of the procedure.

It assists creditors (in particular financial creditors) in the protection of their receivables against restructuring procedures started by the debtor, through a legal support functional to the preparation of even the most complex recovery plans.

In recent years, the Law Firm has carried out debt restructuring operations and asset acquisitions and business compendiums in the following market sectors:

  • food industry
  • construction and infrastructure
  • global service
  • real estate
  • industrial plant engineering
  • navigation
  • public works
  • entertainment